Bethany Huddleston

School / Chartered Financial Planner Support

Meet Bethany Huddleston to find out about her varied role as Chartered Financial Planner Support
Bethany Huddleston

Get to know her better...

  • Who is your employer?

    Thornton Chartered Financial Planners

  • What is your role?

    Chartered Financial Planner Support

  • What do you do in a typical working day?

    Every day is different, I’ll always be doing things like responding to client queries and arranging meetings, but often there are events to plan for and marketing activities that I am also involved with.

  • How did you get into the profession?

    After completing A-levels in 2017 I knew that opportunities are abundant in the sector, and that it would be a good way to get some professional qualifications and begin a good career in an industry that genuinely values and helps people. I’ve been here a year now and learnt so much already!

  • What would you say to someone that doesn’t have much of an understanding of the Financial Planning profession?

     Its all about helping people understand how best to use their money to accomplish their goals.

  • What do you enjoy most about your job?

    My favourite thing is the variety. I would get so bored so quickly of doing the same thing every day, but in this profession because you’re dealing with such vastly different people and circumstances, so you’re always kept on your toes.

  • What career progression have you had so far?

    So far, I’ve had fingers in many pies, trying a bit of everything. I’ve got a great opportunity to start professional qualifications here which I am enjoying as well. Having only been here for a year straight out of school I believe that the peak of my career is ahead of me, which I can confidently say as I have so far come across a lot of potential future pathways, prospects and options for people just like me.

  • What do you need to be successful in your role?

     You need to be eager to learn, as well as a team player and ideally a “people person”. 

  • Have you taken any professional qualifications?

    I haven’t completed any full qualifications, yet but I’m working on one- a Diploma in financial planning. It’s a series of 6 exams, of which I’ve taken (…and passed!) the first. Although I’ve just started it, I look forward to completing it as it’ll be a good stepping stone to further career progression. 

  • What have been your career highlights so far?

    Passing my first exam has been a huge confidence booster for me. 

  • Would you recommend the profession to a young person making career choices? Why?

    I would recommend the profession. The key is that you’ve got to want to progress, because in school you have pre-set deadlines and teachers pushing you to pre-set goals, but in the “world of work” there is no such thing. You make it happen for yourself, which is more rewarding.  For financial planning specifically, there is a lot to learn, and numerous areas to specialise in, so you’ll almost certainly find something you’re interested in. I think this makes it one of the best choices for young people who want to have the ability to try a bit of everything. There’s also a lot of professional qualifications you can take if you decide that the industry is for you, so the sky is the limit in terms of your future opportunities.

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